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Custom Template Design

This current template in a variety of colours is included free of charge with a DayDream website - view all colour styles.

Via our unique Engage service, we can either create you a bespoke design, or your graphic designer can send us an image of your desired template which we can convert to web format.

For an Engage example compare this graphical template design provided by the client's graphic designers on the right with this search engine friendly, disability discrimination act compliant DayDream template created via our Engage service.

Furthermore, if you wish to keep your current design, we can use your existing site design to "skin" your DayDream powered website - a seamless transition to content management and the power of DayDream powered site! The only difference that you will notice after switch-over is that you will be able to change your site's contents simply and instantly, and that adding any custom, powerful new functionality in the future becomes fast and inexpensive.

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