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Who is DayDream for?

DayDream is perfect for anyone who wants an affordable website. From SMEs who wish to automate their businesses, to personal users who want our popular 'unlimited page' information website for only £250 - compare this with the industry standard price of £200 for only 10 pages.

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What is DayDream?

DayDream is the name of our propriety 'website engine'. Website engine? Let us explain.

With DayDream we don't have to create websites as a series of pages, much like a word document. Instead DayDream automatically generates pages - all we do is add your custom content or functionality into these pages.

DayDream websites also include the latest 'must have' features such as search engine optimisation and Disability Discrimination Act compliance in line with the new legal requirements - as standard.

Using our website engine we can develop bespoke business automating or information websites in a very short time period - and hence at a low cost.

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When can I try DayDream

Right now! This website was created by DayDream and customised for you in a matter of seconds. It features some basic features including:

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Where is DayDream?

DayDream runs on the world's most widely used website servers - running the most popular open source (i.e. free!) software and databases (PHP and mySQL).

Your website can either be hosted and continuously monitored for errors and uptime on our optimised servers, or you can host your site on your own server.

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How much will a DayDream website cost?

Less than you'd expect! Sit down with us for a free consultation so we can determine exactly what you'd like your website to do, and discuss our ideas that could help you, then we'll prepare you a non obligation quotation with a price we're sure you'll find impressive.

Remember, because of the power of our DayDream website engine we are able to offer you 'unlimited page' information websites for only £250 - compare this to the industry standard bottom line price of £200 for just ten pages to gauge our prices. This includes this Disability Discrimination Act compliant, localised search engine optimised template, fully colour customised with your corporate colours and logo, free of charge.

To see a few examples of existing DayDream functionality and associated prices take a look at out standard functionality price list.

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Why DayDream?

"I was amazed at the prices people were paying for websites that did nothing" says Andy Hine owner, "prices that were never going to be viable for many SMEs. I started thinking that there had to be a way to get the cost down and the functionality up - the result is the DayDream website engine".

Originally developed as a personal project 18 years 195 months ago, DayDream now powers websites ranging from multi national plcs to personal homepages.

Check out some of our testimonials to find how DayDream has saved our clients time and money as well as providing their customers with a better service.

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