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Business Automation

Our website technology is fully expandable, offering features never before available at this price-level.

DayDream's modular design allows you to add literally any (we're not kidding!) functionality you wish to your website. Live presentation broadcasts, for example, surveys, customer databases, discussion forums, feedback forms, newsletters or e-commerce can all be added.

As an example, one of our clients used to post feedback forms to her customers 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months then annually from the date they joined her company. Because customers joined at all times during the year, this was a logistical nightmare, costing her time in sending the feedback forms out, chasing them up, then entering the data into her computer, and money in postage.
Using DayDream, we created a bespoke module that automated this entire process via emails and online forms - for less than the price of a years postage!

Remember - if you can dream it, DayDream can power it. In fact you don't even have to dream it - we'll help you automate your business for free.
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