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Web Standard and Disability Discrimination Act Compliance

[Firefox Accessibility Verification] Accessibility Validation
The W3C and 508 buttons you see at the bottom of this page mean that your site is compatible with the world wide internet standards as well as being accessible to visitors with disabilities in line with the new internet Disability Discrimination Act. (You don't need to include these symbols on your site - we just thought you would be reassured to know DayDream sites are automatically fully compliant.)

DayDream also passes stricter accessibility tests making it compatible with all web browsers. This can be verified using the free Firefox HTML Validator extension for users of the popular, secure, free Firefox web browser (recommended). You'll be surprised how almost all sites on the internet have errors or accessibility warnings!
[UK Web Design Association] UK Web Design Association is also a registered member of the UK Web Design Association - the Web Standards Organisation in the UK.
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